Haluatko nähdä sivun sisällön kielellä Suomi?

Why wheat free formula?

Meat is always the main ingredient in our food. As carbohydrates, we use gluten free potato, dried apples and easily digestible maize. This can’t be said for all other brands in the market not even among pet shop brands. Many manufacturers often use wheat or soy as cheap fillers to increase weight of the food. This is because meat is the most expensive raw material used in dog food. Wheat and soya can also cause allergies.

What "fresh meat" really means?

Fresh meat may in theory sound like a good option, however, dry food is still dried food. The end product is still fine ground dried meat in dog foods. Under current feeding legislation, each ingredient and ingredient group must be presented in the composition on the basis of weight in descending order and before it has been cooked. This means that the fresh meat may end up at the top of the composition list, that makes us believe that the food contains most meat. But is that so, in reality?

Meat is muscle tissue, and in an adult mammal, it consists of about three quarters of water. What happens when you dry the fresh meat to dry food? Well up to 75 % of the weight disappears when the water evaporates, meaning that the fresh meat that is at the top of the composition list has been reduced up to 75% of its original weight. Suddenly the food does not contain as much meat as it was alleged to contain.

What does meat flour mean?

Meat meal (chicken meat meal, lamb meat meal, salmon meat meal etc.) is often believed to be lesser in nutritional quality than fresh meat in the dog food. The quality of meat flour is very high; to be called meat meal it has to contain meat with the same quality as what we humans eat. In addition, meat meal has a higher protein value per gram than fresh meat has.

A meat meal also contains the right amount of calcium/phosphorus for a balanced diet. Meat meal is dried minced meat, whereas fresh meat contains up to 75% water. This means fresh meat will shrink into a quarter of the original weight as the food reaches its final moisture content of about 9-12%. Thus, the food will contain much less meat than what it states in the composition list.

Example of a fictional ingredient list:

  • 40% fresh meat
  • 24 % corn
  • 24 % wheat
  • 10 % animal fat
  • 2 % vegetable oil

The manufacturer of the dog food specifies “fresh meat” as the first ingredient and the full list of ingredients is thus. But keep in mind that 75% of the fresh meat is water, which means that the meat percentage is much less:

  • 24% corn
  • 24% wheat
  • 10% animal fat
  • 7% dried meat
  • 2% vegetable oil

If you have any questions regarding our dog food and our ingredients, please do not hesitate to contact us!