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Dental care is important for your dog's health

Dog's oral hygiene

It is important to regularly check and clean your dog's teeth, which prevents plaque, calculus and periodontal disease. To ensure your dog's optimum oral health, provide your dog well-balanced, meat-based dog food. In addition, various treats, bones and chewing toys - as well as brushing your dog's teeth - help to maintain your dog's good oral health. NOTE: Use only toothpastes designed for dogs. Toothpastes for humans often contains xylitol, which is toxic for dogs. You can read more about dangerous ingredients HERE.

How to brush your dog's teeth

Start brushing your dog's teeth slowly using a soft toothbrush. The outsides of the teeth are brushed with little rubbing movements. You should be especially careful of the gum line where plaque formation starts. The large molars of the upper jaw are particularly vulnerable and therefore it is important that you can access them even though it can be difficult.

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