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Chicken and rawhide stick

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11 pcs 45 pcs
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Chicken and rawhide stick 11 & 45 pcs

All dogs need to chew. It's a natural instinct. Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety. Chewing also helps to keep dog's jaws strong, teeth clean, and breath a bit fresher. Dogs that chew regularly on rawhide chew bones and other bones have less plaque and tartar build-up on teeth.

Wheat free Grain free

Protein 70 %
Fat 1 %


Cleaned, dried and heat treated rawhide, chicken, yucca extract, parsley extract.

Analytical constituens / 1 kg

Fiber 2 %
Moisture 14 %
Ash 4 %


Vitamin A 50 IU, vitamin B1 0,2 mg, vitamin B2 0,5 mg, vitamin B6 0,4 IU, vitamin C 1 mg, vitamin D3 60 IU, vitamin E 4 IU, vitamin B9 1,5 mg, vitamin B3 2,5 mg, amino acids.


White chew-roll made out of cleaned, dried and heat treated rawhide. The chew-roll is covered with delicious chicken. Contains also yucca extract to minimize the odor of the stool and parsley extract to refresh the mouth. Watch over your dog when it’s eating chewbones and make sure your dog has access to drinking water at all times. Store in a cool and dry place.